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Pokrovitelj projekta: Neenah Paper
Kurator: David Schimmel
Iz privatne kolekcije Mirka Ilića
Galerija Grafičkog kolektiva, 9 - 21. maj 2005. | izložbu otvara Mirko Ilić 9. maja u 19 časova


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“It’s time we put punctuation where it
belongs. Punctuation is language’s dirty little secret. It’s the tail that wags the dog. It’s the vast conspiracy of little marks that’s held meaning hostage for centuries. Well it’s time we rise and fight the oppression punctuation has lorded over our inalienable right to self-expression.”

David Schimmel
President and Creative Director of And Partners

So we did just that. Several months ago, we challenged twenty-four of New York City’s most successful graphic designers to each create a poster featuring their interpretation of a punctuation mark. The results were downright liberating. The collection of signed and numbered limited edition serigraphs— including an image of Colin Powell’s face cropped to symbolize the semi-colon—has both delighted and defied grammarians. The posters, printed on a special make ENVIRONMENT® Cover, Irish Cream 100lb., were both thought-provoking and inspiring. In other words, we got punct’d. But the real raison d’ętre for the posters was to raise money to benefit the Books for
Kids Foundation through a silent auction held at the Metropolitan Pavilion on a cool, crisp evening in Manhattan.
Over 400 guests attended the incredible event that was sponsored by Neenah Paper and co-hosted with New York
design firm And Partners. While some enjoyed cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres, others placed silent bids on their favorite posters. Students representing The Books for Kids Foundation were on hand to answer questions. The Foundation has built 41 libraries and has provided children throughout the New York City region with more than 5 million books since 1986. The evening was a tremendous success, raising $14,000 for the cause. Good food, good company, and great art. In fact, you could say we kicked asterisk!



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